Feature Friday Oil of Love 15 % Off Plus Tips and Tricks

September 19, 2014

Oil of Love 15% Off

We're back with another great Feature Friday deal! All our Oil of Love flavors are 15% off all weekend! We're also here to give you some tips and tricks for using Oil of Love, trust us, it's a bedroom must have! Oil of Love is one of a kind and was Kama Sutra's founding product back in 1969 (yes, that's the real year!). It was debuted at the 1969 L.A Gift Fair. People were literally lining up to have one of our Kama Sutra Ladies do a demo, and that was just on their hand! What makes Oil of Love so special is not only the delicious flavor, but the warming sensation it creates when applied to the skin and gently blown on.

Did you know that repeating the same foreplay moves every time you have sex with your partner can desensitize your body and make it less likely you'll be turned on? "When you touch each other in a familiar way every time, your body becomes desensitized, and it won't feel as arousing," says Lori Buckley, PhD, a sex therapist in Pasadena, California. That's why we created products like Oil of Love, to encourage experimentation and body exploration, it's so important to take your time, mix things up and make it fun. Here are our top suggestions for how to use Oil of Love in ways that will get you both out of a rut.


1. Body Buffet
If you have multiple flavors of Oil of Love,try dabbing a little of each one on your pleasure points and have your partner lick each spot and guess the flavor. You get to decide what the sexy prize is for correct guesses ;).


2. Warm & Wander
Take your favorite Oil of Love and dab it on your partners most sensitive areas, try the earlobes, hip bones, the back of the neck and knees. Next gently blow to warm them up and start the tingling sensation, then kiss and lick as you wander your partners body creating super sexy anticipation.


3. Hide and Seek
If there's a sexy spot you want your partner to pay more attention to, this is the perfect way to let them know. Dab Oil of Love wherever you want to be tantalized and have your partner guess the spot by kissing, licking or blowing. Take it in turns and let your partner in on the fun, they might have some delicious ideas they've be fantasizing about too!

Oil of love comes in 9 delicious flavors, and is a water based, kissable foreplay product but is not meant as a lubricant (it contains sugar, mmmm). It's also an oil by name only and wont stain sheets! So if you've got an Oil of Love use it! Maybe even add an exciting new flavor to the mix, and if you don't have an Oil of Love get yours now while it's 15% off. It's an absolute must have for your sexy bag of tricks.


Kama Sutra <3





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