Get Him to be Intimately Addicted to You | How to Give the Best BJ Ever

Get Him to be Intimately Addicted to You | How to Give the Best BJ Ever

October 18, 2018

Whether you’re hoping to catch your man off guard with new skills or just generally improve, there are tons of helpful tips and tricks out there to perfect your BJ game. The Bad Girls Bible is an extremely helpful resource on how to become an expert in your own way.


Build Up

While a surprise blowjob will definitely be welcomed, keep in mind your guy may need and/or perform better if there is an intriguing intro leading up to the main event.

If you are apart but thinking of him, send a sexy picture or naughty text. If you’re in public surrounded by other people, whisper something in his ear about what you want to do to him later. Building the sexual tension will have him ready for you as soon as you two are alone.


Before the play


Keep the tease going by dishing out a few tricks to make him anticipate what’s coming next.


Pull him close and move from touching his leg to his crotch. Smoothly run your hand over his package and add in a soft grab so he knows you’re feeling sensual but also mean business.


Start to undress your man, leaving a trail of kisses as you make your way down to take off his pants.


Quick Tip: Using our Pleasure Balm here will heighten this sensation to the extreme.



Move him into a position you both are comfortable in. You won’t enjoy it if you have to readjust every few seconds! If you decide to take him while on your knees, start by asking or saying something dirty that will excite him like “Do you like when I kiss you here?” or “Your cock looks amazing right now.” He’ll love that you’re not only focusing so much of your attention on him in that time but that you’re also boosting his sexual ego just a little - making him even more eager to be with you.


Going In


Before you take your man in your mouth, start with a few more sensitive motions like kissing or licking his shaft slowly or using your tongue to gently flick the tip of his penis.

While you do this - move your hands to have one hold the base of his penis and one to gently squeeze his balls.

Once you start sucking on his penis make sure to keep these points in mind:


  • Watch your teeth! Your man’s penis is very sensitive and this could potentially be a huge discomfort to him.
  • You don’t have to do anything you do not want to do. If you aren’t comfortable trying to deep throat him, don’t. There are plenty of ways to still give him amazing head without DT.
  • If you get uncomfortable or tired, switch between your mouth and hands. He will likely love the sensation mix of getting both a blow job and hand job from you.
  • Listen. If he vocalizes that something your doing feels especially good, or even asks/tells you a spot to touch, go for it.


The main thing to remember as you go down on your guy is to be consistent but also vary your technique. What this means is, take note of the certain moves that really get him going; if your man loves when you take his balls in your mouth then incorporate this into every BJ. At the same time, don’t fall into a routine where he already knows what to expect. Anticipation is a huge point of excitement for your man and he’ll love that you keep him on his toes with what’s next!


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