Turn Any Night into Date Night | 5 Fab Ways to Keep the Valentine’s Day Celebrations Going

Turn Any Night into Date Night | 5 Fab Ways to Keep the Valentine’s Day Celebrations Going

February 22, 2023

The holiday of love falling in the middle of the week this year could mean a delayed celebration for many couples. Setting aside plans with your sweetheart until this weekend? Explore ideas for a romantic and exciting date night, without having to rush to reservations anywhere.


Netflix and Chill

The Netflix and Chill Night

If you and your partner are feeling extra tired or just extra lazy (no judgement) this year, your perfect Valentine’s date might be curling up in front of the tv in PJ’s. Hey, it’s been a long week. We get it.

Keep it chill, but far from from boring. After the popcorn has been popped and the movie has been picked, get a head start on dessert with The Sweetheart Kit.

Pillows aren’t the only things that need fluffing. Put the feather tickler to good use and fluff your partner’s sweet skin sprinkled in Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust

Take advantage of the perfect sample sizes by, well, sampling.  A drop of Kama Sutra Oil of Love here, dollop of Body Soufflé there. You get the point.

You might want to go ahead and pause that movie at this point.


Spa Night

 The Deluxe Spa Night

Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure. Which is why your ideal date night this year might just call for a whole lotta r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n.

Turn off the lights and turn on the romance. Light a few of the Ignite Candles to set the mood and fill the room with sweet smells. Slip into a bath drawn for two with your Valentine, lathering Luxury on each other.

Don’t have a bathtub big enough for two?

Take the tranquil route and settle in for a couples’ massage. Set up a dreamy ambiance with candles, clean sheets or towels, and calming music. Scattered rose petals are a bonus.

The Massage Tranquility Kit gives a great chance to try all five of our sultry Aromatic scents. Make sure your hands are warm and start off slow. Decide on and set a timer for your session so you two can switch before getting too hot and heavy.

(You can find a bunch of helpful tips on how to give your SO an amazing massage, like those here: https://www.thedatingdivas.com/sensual-massage/)


The Erotic Game Night

 It’s all fun and games until someone has to hurt flirt.

 And then it’s even more fun.

Get excited for a one-on-one game night with your date that could quickly turn from competitive to crazy. Start off with a simple conversational amusement, like ‘Would You Rather.’ Ask your partner anything from Would You Rather eat a strawberry or chocolate - to Would You Rather I touch you here with this honey dust or blow on here with this oil?

When you two are up for the challenge, pull out the uniquely chosen set of Play Cards for enticing commands and questions for sexy play - all with a different position ready to be experimented with.

In collaboration with lifestyle and travel blogger Amy Marietta, the limited time specially curated box is full of different treats and surprises guaranteed to take you both across the finish line.

After all, you’re both the winners here.


50 Shades

The IRL 50 Shades of Grey Night

Sometimes it’s okay to get all tied up.

With the final movie in the sexy trilogy releasing last week, fans everywhere are ready to be inspired for the next time they head into the bedroom (or in this case, playroom) with their lovers.

Find some story-inspired moves and talk with your partner about what you would both be comfortable trying, like the more low key list mentioned here: http://bit.ly/2o6B78V

Enter In: Play Sets. 

For the adventurous but not yet contract drafting types, our four different play sets are catered to novice lovers (yet still fun for the more experienced). 

Let yourself be at the hands of your lover with handcuffs, whips, or whichever sensation-heightened toy you both decide to play with first.



The Fore Foodplay Night

Plan a fun “taste test” with your partner post-dinner by gathering your favorite flavors for he/she to try.

Since your senses are heightened when others are inhibited, blindfold your lover so instead of sight - all the focus is on the tongue.

Create your own array of treats with anything from fruit to ice cream to slowly feed your SO. Once getting a sweet tooth fix, play around with products of matching scents.

Strawberry was a hit? Grab a small dollop of Strawberry Creme Body Souffle to spread on your neck, guiding them to kiss the area and take a guess at what it is.

Take a drop of Vanilla Creme Oil of Love and instruct your lover to gently blow the area.

Guaranteed to cause an appetite.


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