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What are your products made of?

A lot of our products are described as “kissable” what does that mean exactly?

What makes your products superior to others in the marketplace?

Can Kama Sutra products be used as a lubricant?

Can Oil of Love or Pleasure Balm Sensations be used as a lubricant?

What is the difference between Aromatics Massage Oil line and the Naturals Massage Oil line?

Is it safe for women to use Treasures of the Sea, or will it irritate their intimate areas?

Can Intimate Caress be used in intimate areas?

Do You Still Make ....... ?


What is your return policy for Rhythm Toys?

Do Rhythm Toys come with a warranty?

How do I register my Rhythm Toy?

How should I clean and care for my Rhythm product?

What do I do If I cannot get my rhythm toy to work/charge?

Is it ok to use silicone lubricant with Rhythm Toys?

Can I take my Rhythm Toy in the shower/bath?


How will my order arrive (what will the shipment packaging look like)?

Where do you ship internationally?

What is your return policy?

What do I do if I receive my products damaged/broken/leaking etc.?

How do I Track My Order?


Where can I find Kama Sutra Products?

I’ve seen some of your products on Amazon and EBay. Can these sellers be trusted?


How do I become an authorized dealer/retailer?

What Payment Methods do Your Accept on kama

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