Top 5 Cross-Country Vacation Spots for Couples

Top 5 Cross-Country Vacation Spots for Couples

February 22, 2023

California - L’Auberge Del Mar

 L’Auberge Del Mar

It’s almost impossible to choose just one dreamy California getaway. But if you’re looking to seriously dial up the romance, this is the SoCal spot for you.

With dreamy decorations, exquisite menu choices, breathtaking views, L’Auberge Del Mar encompasses the ultimate date night - or rather, date weekend. 

Remember to pack those special occasion outfits along with a vacation mindset. Spend time nuzzling close to your honey for some much needed relaxation. Go ahead, it’s okay to indulge.

To read more about L’Auberge Del Mar and its services, visit their website here:

Texas - The Orchard

The Orchard

 A cross between an escape and glamping, this serene spot found in Ft. Worth, Texas is a great way to experience serene country living without having to compromise.

Instead of your average hotel layout, The Orchard offers rustic-chic cabins for guests - complete with all the indoor amenities. Take a stroll with your love through the beautiful orchards (you didn’t think that name was just for show did you?) and curl up near the outdoor fire pit.

If you’re looking for a peace of mind, you’ll find it here.

Visit and learn more:


Florida - Port d’Hiver

Port d’Hiver

Feeling somewhere tropical, but not heading towards any islands just yet? Enter in: Port d’Hiver in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

Dubbed a boutique hotel, the getaway lives up to this description. With a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from stylish Cabanas to historic rooms, it sure will feel like your tucked away on a secluded island somewhere.

Breathe in the salty air and top it off with a sweet, raspberry kiss.

Find out more here:

New York - Monhonk Mountain House

Monhonk Mountain House

Feel like royalty in this Hudson Valley escape, nestled in endless acres of colorful forestry, this Victorian style hotel is simply breathtaking.

Choose from a laundry list of activities you and your significant other can enjoy together, followed by relaxing spa and dinner dates.

Don’t forget to pack your Love Essentials for those cozy nights in. 

Find out more about this away-from-the-city New York treasure here:


Illinois - Victorian Rose Garden bed and Breakfast

Victorian Rose Garden bed and Breakfast

For a true home away from home experience, visit the eloquent Victorian Rose Garden Bed and Breakfast. 

The beautiful Victorian mansion blends history and relaxation in every room. With a delicious variety of menu options, this B&B will remind you of Mom’s cooking (minus Mom).

The lovely views and ground are crafted for couples in search of a little more tranquility.

Read more on the Victorian Rose Garden here:


Wait! Before you go.. Don't forget to pack The Essentials.

Love Essentials


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