Invite the Lips with Kama Sutra’s Kissable Foreplay Products.

Our collection of foreplay products are designed to bring couples closer by encouraging sensory exploration with delicious, kissable body treats. With irresistible flavors and exciting sensations, these delectable body products add the sweet element of taste to romantic experiences.

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This delicious collection includes Oil of Love, a melt-in-your-mouth erotic oil intended to enhance foreplay before sending you into a blissful awakening. Oil of Love Original flavored body oil is where Kama Sutra started. Since then, we’ve expanded our offering to include several more flavors of our best selling love oils as well as kissable scented body powders, sensuous body paint, seductive lip glosses and Sensations Pleasure Balm oral enhancer to inspire pleasure-filled experiences.

Kama Sutra’s Oil of Love is a best seller, and it’s no wonder why. With several tantalizing varieties, these flavored erotic oils warm on the skin when applied and leave you or your partner tasting amazing, inviting passionate foreplay. Our Honey Dust Body Powder collection with feather duster is sure to tickle your pleasure points between the sheets, adding a little bit of sweetness and flavor to body exploration. This body dust, made from real honey, wicks moisture away from the skin and is even perfect as an every day talc or dry shampoo. For the sensual artist in bed, our REAL CHOCOLATE Lover’s Body Paint will transform you or your partner into a sumptuous canvas. Our Sensations Pleasure Balm creates a tingling sensation meant to awaken your hot spots, and leaves them tasting delicious! Try these and more to experience the most luxurious collection of kissable, flavored love products on the market.

Make your next intimate encounter one to remember with Kama Sutra’s erotic oil's, body dust's, body chocolates and flavored Pleasure Balm's. Browse our Kissables below to find the love product that excites you most! There’s a flavor of love for everyone… what’s yours?