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The Leader In Luxury Romance Products

Strawberry Dreams Oil of Love

Warming Kissable Body Oil for Foreplay
$19.99 BUY >

Tropical Plumeria Massage Oil Candle

Scented Massage Oil Candle
$18.69 BUY >

Aromatic Massage Oil - Pleasure Garden

Aromatic Sensual Massage Oil
$16.99 BUY >

Immerse yourself in love with Kama Sutra’s collection of arousing romance products. Find your bliss with our pleasure-enhancing Kama Sutra products, all delicately designed to
ignite passion and inspire intimacy between lovers.

Our luxurious Kama Sutra oils and romantic gift sets will allow you to indulge in your sensual desires while experiencing sensational satisfaction. Explore your curiosity with our kissable love products today to uncover the age-old sensual pleasures the art of Kama Sutra has to offer.

Watch Us on The Balancing Act®

Kama Sutra was recently featured in three fantastic segments on The Balancing Act® airing on Lifetime Television. Kama Sutra's President and resident relationship expert Marla Lee joined Balancing Act hosts to give some great advice on how to reconnect with your partner and grow the romance and intimacy in your relationship.   Learn how Kama Sutra's sensual, romantic love products can help couples looking to spice up their love life. The best part is? It's easy and fun! If you missed the episodes when they aired you can catch up here!

Kama Sutra Oil of Love

Kama Sutra company's very first product, Oil of Love, was a little bottle that would have a giant ripple effect. Kama Sutra Oil of Love is still as sought after today as it was when it debuted and now Oil of Love comes in seven delicious flavors. The Original Oil of Love product was the catalyst for a host of other passion-worthy Kama Sutra products including Pleasure Balm, Honey Dust, a collection of massage lotions and oils and our luxury personal lubricant, Love Liquid. Learn more about our history here.

The Making Love Better Blog

Stop in and check out the Kama Sutra blog, Making Love Better. Each week we post a mindful quote, a gorgeous travel destination and an exciting Kama Sutra Position for you to try! We also love to share delicious treat recipes, and our favorite fun, flirty cocktails. Each Friday we also feature one of our romantic love making products, making our blog a great place to learn about how to use our items and find inspiration. Feel free to ask us questions about any of the Kama Sutra products in the comments too!
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