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We welcome Wholesale and Distribution opportunities. Kama Sutra products are sold in a wide variety of different sales channels around the world.

Interested in becoming a wholesale partner? Please fill out and submit the form below. Be sure to fill out all of the fields completely and thoroughly- if you plan to sell Kama Sutra products through Amazon make sure you include your Amazon Seller's Page URL link and Resale Certificate or State Tax License Number in the Notes section below.

*PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR RESALE CERTIFICATE NUMBER* Kama Sutra is not permitted to respond to inquiries who cannot provide a valid Resale Certificate.

A sales representative will respond as soon as possible. We appreciate each and every request we receive, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.*Please be patient, due to our high volume of Wholesale Inquiries it may take up to two weeks for Kama Sutra to respond!

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Please answer the questions below to help us learn a bit more about you and your business:

  1. Please provide your Resale Certificate or State Tax License Number
  2. How did you first hear about Kama Sutra?
  3. How many years have you been in business?
  4. Do you have more than one store? If so, please list your store locations.
  5. Do you sell online, in a brick-and-mortar store, or both?
  6. What types of products do you carry?
  7. What are your customer demographics?
  8. When is your "busy season" (i.e. Valentine's, Winter Holidays, Summer etc.)
  9. What Kama Sutra products are you most interested in?
  10. Would you prefer to be contacted via phone or email?