Luxury Lubricants

Kama Sutra's Luxury sensual massage lubricants are designed to provide unlimited pleasure.

Kama Sutra's Luxury sensual lubricants are designed to provide unlimited pleasure. Silky and never sticky, each massage lubricant is formulated to provide the utmost in sensual comfort and sustainability. Our selection of luxury personal lubes includes our ever-popular Love Liquid formula as well as our Divine Nectars collection of flavored lubricants.

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Our Love Liquids lube is one of the most enjoyed products in the Kama Sutra collection. With its light and silky smooth texture, this personal lube is designed to enhance seductive pleasure with a natural, long-lasting glide. For lovers looking for something that offers kissable fun, we recommend our Divine Nectars collection, which offers a variety of flavors that will invite the gentle caress of the tongue with every application. You’ll open up a world of delight when you try our luxurious flavored lubricants.

Add some excitement between the sheets with Kama Sutra’s Luxury sensual lubricants. Browse our collection below to find the massage lubricant that best fits your sexy style, and get ready to experience sensual intimacy like never before.