Your Love & Relationship Horoscope

This week's Sextrology Horoscope is by Maria DeSimone from Daily Horoscope.

Monday, April 18th through Sunday, April 24th

Sure Mars is retrograde, but there's enough heat in the cosmic sky this weekend for you to still enjoy romantic potential. First, a Full Moon in Scorpio on Friday will leave you feeling many intense emotions. If you are able to confront them honestly with your partner, it's likely that the two of you will be in a position to strengthen your relationship. 

Also on Friday, Venus and Uranus will make a sizzling conjunction in Aries. This is a recipe for sudden romantic potential whether you're single or attached. If you're single, there is a possible one night stand in your future. Or, if you're in a relationship, you and your lover may try something a little different to spice things up. Get your sexy on!


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