Position of the Week | Steam Clean

Craving a steamy adventure outside of the bedroom? We have the perfect position for you this week called 'Steam Clean.'

To start, get things hot and steamy by turning the shower on as hot as you can both stand it, a few minutes before getting in.

When you're both ready, enter the shower together and position yourselves comfortably under the stream of water, so that it's spalshing onto your bodies but not directly into your faces. 

Face each other and wrap one leg around your partner, as shown in the picture. Your partner can support you with their hands on your rear. 

This position is great for both partners because it's intimate, face-to-face and standing up-right makes it extra fun. Also, the hot water adds heat and increases passion. 

*Tip: If you don't like the water running directly onto you as you make love, turn the water off and enjoy the hot, steamy air by itself. Add a contrasting sensation to the experience with Kama Sutra Intensify Plus Cooling female arousal gel for an icy, cool tingle! 


Kama Sutra 

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