Your Love & Relationship Horoscope

Monday, April 4th through Sunday, April 10th

This week's Sextrology Horoscope is by Maria DeSimone from Daily Horoscope.

This weekend hosts a Taurus Moon until Sunday, allowing sensual delights to flow. There will be a decided slant, however, to making sure that you "get yours," and you may not be as interested in pleasing your lover. 

That's because we just had a New Moon in all-about-me Aries this past Thursday. The effects of that lunation will linger strongly over the weekend. Adding to the mix is an erratic conjunction between the Sun and Uranus in Aries on Saturday. 

There is a definite push toward self-interest and self-love this weekend. And if you're not happy in a romantic situation, you'll be moving on because with the Sun-Uranus hookup in Aries, there's no time to waste.


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