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Monday, February 22nd through Sunday, February 28th.

With the Moon in relationship-oriented Libra this Friday, you and your sweetheart might try a little too hard to make the other person happy. Deciding what you want to do on date night might be difficult since neither of you wants to be responsible for choosing just in case the other person secretly isn't happy. 

As a result, you both might get stressed out and end up staying home doing nothing. Thankfully, Mercury will also be at a gorgeous sextile to Uranus allowing you to talk about whatever you need to in your relationship using a different approach. As a result, the rest of the weekend will become more than dreamy.

The Moon enters Scorpio on Saturday and remains there through Monday. With Scorpio, you and your lover will have no trouble communicating about the more taboo subjects in your relationship and personal lives. Again, Mercury sextile Uranus will help you get even the most uncomfortable words out. By Sunday, it's all inspiration thanks to the amazing conversations you will have shared. The Sun will embrace Neptune and you'll be back to having each other on that lovely, romantic pedestal.
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