TGIF! The Kama Sutra Guide to Netflix & Chill

The Kama Sutra Guide to Netflix & Chill

Each and every #featurefriday we’re going to present you with a great Kama Sutra product and a great movie to go along with it. Because why go out, when you can stay in, Netflix and Chill?

The Movie:
The Cabin in the Woods. Now, we usually don’t go for this kind of thing here, but with this cold weather, we suggest this recent spooky classic to promote lots of cuddling. You’ll see a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth show his range in a truly unique and unexpectedly funny horror flick that has a lot more going on than you’d think at first. So cozy up with someone special and hang onto eachother for dear life! 

The Product: Wild Clove Bath Gel – Sweets aren’t for everyone. Combining a unique blend of refreshing earthen scents, our Wild Clove Bath Gel will clean you up and leave you smelling great, but not too sweet. Perfect for anyone who wants to feel renewed and rejuvenated without being overly floral or “perfume-y.” Down to earth luxury, one pump at a time.


 A good scary movie provides ample opportunities to get close to each other. Our Bathing Gel will make you smell so good that your partner likely won’t need any other reason!


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