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Week of May 18th

This week an exciting new moon in Taurus on Monday can set the stage for new sensual delights. The problem? Communication. On the very same day, Mercury will turn retrograde, this means false starts and circumstantial hiccups. In other words, the date you've got planned with your cutie might get cancelled, and if you don't get that reply text you've been waiting for? They may have never gotten yours! Don't take things personally and do your best to navigate choppy communication waters with your partner until June 11th when that tricky Mercury gets things back on track.

The good news is on Thursday romantic Venus will oppose Pluto and this can intensify love. Still, be careful ... fated attraction can easily get out of hand. Obsession, possession, jealousy and manipulation are always lurking in the shadow of Pluto. This combined with crossed wires in communication can create trouble, so check those negative emotions and keep your inner self balanced. We recommend a lot of personal pampering, treat yourself to a massage or a relaxing candlelit bath (view our Sensual Massage & Spa collection), do some restorative yoga or get out in nature for a hike to pump up those feel good endorphins!

Love, Kama Sutra <3


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