Humpday | Kama Sutra Position of the Week

Valentine's Day is this Saturday... be prepared to give your lover a romantic rondezvous they will never forget with this week's Kama Sutra Position of the Week: BE MINE !

Be Mine

Start in the spooning position on the bed or on the floor- any surface that is comfortable for you! She lies on her side with her knees slighly bent and he cozies up behind her in the same position as shown in the image. This position is very intimate and romantic- it allows for almost the full length of your bodies to be touching. He has easy access to hear breasts and nether region as well as the ability to kiss and caress her neck. She has her hands free to caress his thighs and butt. Both partners can enjoy the ease and comfort of this lying-down position while still getting the thrilling pleasure benefits of a doggy-style position, since it is essentially a more intimate, horizontal version of doggy-style. To really intensify the benefits of this position we reccomend he apply Oil of Love to his finger tips and then gently caress her breasts with it, she will love the warm sensation.


Kama Sutra  

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