Humpday | Kama Sutra's position of the week

Easy Does It

This week's position is perfect if you're feeling a little lazy but still want to have a mind-blowing experience in the bedroom.

Start by having him like on his back on the bed, keeping himself propped up on his elbows as if he's lying on the beach.

Place a firm pillow underneath his shoulder blades and upper back for added support and comfort. 

Have her lower herself down onto him in a reverse cowgirl stance. Both partners can keep their knees partially bent while he lies down and she stays seated upright. She can place her hands on his hips to steady herself and control the movement and rhythym as shown.

This position is great because it adds a sexy twist to traditional reverse cowgirl while being more comfortable and less strenuous. Plus, he gets an even better view of her backside this way! 


Kama Sutra


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