Humpday | Kama Sutra's Position of the Week

Copy Cat

This position is not for beginners! You must have balance and coordination for this week's position of the week.

Start by having her lie flat on her back on a bed or another soft, comfortable surface like a carpet. 

Have him kneel in front of her and grasp her ankles with his hands. He slowly lift her lower body up towards him, while she keeps her upper body lying flat on the floor.

He brings her up high enough so he can enter while still inan upright kneeling position, see image. 

He holds her by her ankles and she keeps her knees bent, she can place her hands on his legs to steady herself as shown. 

This position creates some great friction as well as gives both partners a pleasing view that they normally don't get to see. Not to mention it's a great work out! Both parnters need to use their core and abs so keep steady and he has to use his arms as well.




Kama Sutra 



January 16, 2015

Im tryin that when I reach home


January 14, 2015

Tryed it late nite workout! Feels awesome

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