Hump Day | Kama Sutra Position of the Week

Happy Hump Day! Temperatures are dropping and the nights are getting longer and colder.

Make the most of these long winter nights and turn up the heat with this weeks position of the week:



Start by having him lie flat on his back on a comfortable surfacr such as a bed or carpeted floor. He then bends one knee at a 90 degree angle, so his foot is resting flat on the floor with his knee pointing upwards. 

She slowly lowers herself down onto his body, with her back to him. She uses his bent leg for guidance and stability, leaning over onto his leg so that she's at a slightly side-ways angle (see picture). 

She rocks back and forth or up and down as she pleases while he gets a great view of her backside.

He gets a great view while lying back and relaxing and she gets control but still doesn't have to work too hard because she's stabalizing herself against his leg- not to mention the extra frontal friction she gets to enjoy. 







Kama Sutra 

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