Happy Humpday | Kama Sutra's Position of the Week

December 10, 2014

Happy Humpday! We're half way to the weekend.

If the daily office grind has you feeling low... we have the perfect pick-me-up for your mid-week blues.

Get scandalous at the office and liven up your work week with this week's Kama Sutra position of the week:


Office Scandal

He sits in a comfortable chair (such as a desk chair).

She then climbs on to his lap, facing him, and rests her feet on the edges of the chair, on either side of his body. She steadys herself with her hands on his shoulders. 

She allows him to enter her and the fun begins... both partners can take turns being in control. She can be in control by bouncing up and down or gyrating in slow circles on his lap or he can be in control by moving her hips up and down or back and forth on his lap as he pleases with his hands. 

Both partners are free to kiss, touch and connect with this sexy, face-to-face position. Just make sure you lock your office door!

*Hint: To make this position even hotter, apply your favorite flavor of Kama Sutra Oil of Love warming body oil to each other's "sweet spots" (her breasts would be a perfect spot with this position!)  before you get to down to business. 





Kama Sutra 

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