Happy Humpday | Kama Sutra's Position of the Week

November 26, 2014

Happy humpday! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving... thinking of unwinding before the big day tonight with a dip in the jacuzzi? Then this weeks position is just what you need....


Turn on th Jets


Get cozy in the hot tub with you lover and turn the heat up with this position. 

Start by having him sit in the jacuzzi in a comfortable position with his back resting agaisnt the wall in front of a jet if possible. This way he can enjoy the added sensation of the jet stream against his lower back. 

She then straddles him, then gently lower herself on top of him so that she's perched on his lap, facing him, bracing herself with her feet on either side of him as seen in the picture to the right.

She places her  hands on his shoulders and uses them as leverage to guide herself.

She gets to choose the speed and penetration while he gets to lie back and enjoy the ride. 

This position is great in cold November weather because it allows you to enjoy the thrill of making love outside together while still staying warm and toasty in the jacuzzi! 

*Tip: Making love underwater can get a bit tricky- make sure you use a good silicone lubricant to make sure things go smoothly like Kama Sutra Pleasure Potion found in our Sexy Sampler Kit !




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