Kama Sutra's top 4 reasons to have Monday Morning Sex

Got a case of "the Mondays" ? Avoid the monday blues next week by starting the day off right- with morning sex! 


See Kama Sutra's top 4 reasons why you should be having morning sex, especially on Mondays:


1. You can skip the gym.

 Sex is a great workout! Instead of dragging yourself out of bed at dawn to do the same boring gym routine, stay in bed and get in a fun, sexy sweat session with your partner!


2. You can cut your getting-ready time in half.

  Sex can give you a healthy, rosy-cheeked glow. No need to spend an hour primping in front of the mirror-   you'll look fabulous au naturel! Not to mention, messy I-just-had-sex hair is sexy.

(photo: Playboy)

3. You can skip the coffee.

 Who needs caffiene when you have a natural high from having great sex? Having morning sex can give you natural energy that will last well past lunch-time.

4. You can be in a great mood that lasts all day long.

 Having sex releases feel-good hormones that your body naturally produces and stores, like seritonin. Beat the Monday blues with sex!

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