Kama Sutra Oil of Love | The top erogenous zones for him

November 03, 2014

Kama Sutra's Oil of Love® was the original product that started it all back in 1969. This unique, warming body oil is unlike anything else... not only does it warm on the skin but it's also kissable! It comes in 9 delicious flavors that actually taste as good as they sound: Passionate Peach, Sugared Berry, Tropical Mango, Vanilla Creme, Raspberry Kiss, Strawberry Dreams, Forbidden Apple, Coconut Pineapple and The Original,  which is a blend of chocolate,vanilla and cinnamon.

Only an "oil" by name, Kama Sutra Oil of Love is actually water-based which allows it to have a smooth, non-sticky consistency that doesn't stain. 

We have always encouraged people to use Oil of Love in 3 steps to get the full experience:

- Apply a few drops (or more if desired) to an erogenous zone 

- Gently blow on the area to experience the warming sensation

- Follow with kisses, enjoying the sweet flavor


Many people ask us, "What exactly IS an erogenous zone?" 

The definition of erogenous zone according to Wikpedia is " an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may result in the production of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm." 

Those areas can be hard to find, and they can also vary depending on the person. Men and women have different erogenous zones. So today, in honor of Man Crush Monday Kama Sutra is making it easier on you with a list of the top 10 erogenous zones for men!

Grab your favorite flavor of Kama Sutra Oil of Love and do some exploring! Follow the order below, starting with number one and working your way up to ten to really build his anticipation. Or go in any order you please.


1. Lips and mouth- Apply a light layer of Oil of Love to your lips before you start kissing him, he'll be pleasantly surprised by the sweet flavor and warm sensation on his lips.

2. Neck- A few drops of Oil of Love on the back of his neck will make his spine tingle in a good way- gently blow on his neck then follow with sensual kisses. 

3. Ears- Dab a few drops of Oil of Love on his ear lobes and gently blow, nibble and lick them.

4. Nipples- Apply a few drops of Oil of Love to his nipples and then trace them with your tongue in small circles.

5. Pubic Line- Trace a line of Oil of Love slowly back and forth just above his underwear line and just below his belly button, being careful not to touch any part of his package yet. 

6. Inner Thighs- Trace a line of Oil of Love with your tongue in small circles on his inner thighs, working your way up from the knees towards his package.

7. Scrotum- Use your toungue or your fingers to gently rub Oil of Love onto his package in small circle, stopping every so often to lightly blow on the area and increase the warming sensation. 

8. Perineum- Very gently apply a small drop of Oil of Love to the area just beneath his scrotum, then lightly flick the area with your tongue. 

9. Fingers- Let his imagination run wild, have him apply a drop or two of Oil of Love to his middle or pointer finger, then give him a little preview of what's in store for him next by slowly licking the oil off of his finger.

10. Penis- This one's a given... Oil of Love can make this erogenous zone taste much better!


*Now remember, Oil of Love is not a massage oil or a lubricant. If your foreplay fun with Oil of Love leads to the main event be sure to use a proper lubricant for intercourse, such as Kama Sutra Love Liquid 



Don't let him have all the fun- check back on Wednesday for our list of the top 10 erogenous zones for women!




Kama Sutra 

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