Man Crush Monday | The Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Guys

Halloween is one of the sexiest holidays for adults. It is the one day out of the year that adults ( women and men!) can dress as scandelously as they want- and get away with it! 

There are plenty of sexy halloween costumes out there for women... but what about for men?

Kama Sutra is here to help- we have created a list of the sexiest Halloween costumes for men! Whether you're a guy trying to find a costume for yourself or a woman trying to find a costume for your man, this list is sure to spark some great ideas:


1. Magic Mike: Perfect for a guy with a great body, if he's a dancer that's a bonus! 

2. Jay Gatsby: Sophisticated gentlemen in suits always make women swoon.

3. Ryan Gosling (from ANY movie): We don't think there's any woman on the planet who doesn't love Gosling.

5. Edward Cullen from Twilight: For a paler man, with excellent bone structure.

6. Jacob From Twilight : For a man with a tan... and great abs!

7. Native American Chief: Great for a wild man who loves nature (and throwing tomahawks!). 

8. Cop: Everyone loves a man in uniform. 

9. Lumber Jack: Perfect for the rugged guy who likes to wear flannel... even better if he has a beard.


10. Cowboy: Fullfill every woman's fantasy and be that handsome cowboy that carries her off into the sunset.



Don't forget to stock up on Kama Sutra goodies before Halloween- you'll need to be prepared for all the admirers you get!




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