Hump Day | Halloween Sex Positions


Happy Hump Day! The week is half over, and we're just 9 days away from Halloween. So while you're deciding what costume you're going to wear and what Halloween parties you're going to attend, keep these fun, spooky Halloween Sex Positions in mind for you and your partner to try! 


1. The Pleasure Prisoner 

Start by having your partner kneel, and then gently but firmly tie her hands behind her back, and her ankles (if desired). Sit in a chair and have her kneel in front of you and treat you to some hands-free, oral loving. Then switch roles and do it again.

2. The G-spot Ghost

Start in woman-on-top, reverse cowgirl then cover her head with a sheet for a ghostly good time. Covering her with a sheet won't only make her look like a ghost, but it will help release her inhibitions and make her more sensitive to physical sensations because she can't see you and you can't see her.

3. The Sexy Scarecrow 

Tie your lover up (or have her tie you up) so that they are standing upright- a tall bed post works well. Then while they are restrained tease and caress any part of their body you please until they beg for mercy.

4. The Daring Dracula 

Have her hang upside down from a *sturdy* pull-up bar or similar apparatus. Then position yourselves so that you can both simultaneously please each other orally (basically a standing 69 position). 

5. The Wicked Witch

Lie flat on your back on a slim, raised surface such a coffee table, couch arm or bench. Then have her straddle you in a girl-on-top cowgirl position, so that both of her feet can touch the floor. Let her take control of the speed and intensity and ride you off into the night!




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