Feature Friday | NEW Massage Candle in Coconut Pineapple

October 17, 2014

Summer may be over... but here at Kama Sutra we want to keep things hot, so we created a new Massage Candle: Coconut Pineapple

Creamy coconut and sweet, juicy pineapple transport your senses to a tropical bliss... somewhere far away from the stresses of everyday life. 

Kama Sutra Massage Candles are so popular because they are made with a base of Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, they contain no waxes like most massage candles do.

The Coconut/Shea base burns at a very low temperature so you don't run the risk of accidentally scalding yourself or your partner- which would not be very sexy! *We still reccomend you test the temperature of the oil before pouring it onto the skin.

Simply trim the wick 1/4 inch, and light the candle. Wait approximately 20 minutes for a warm pool of oil to form. Test the temperature, then use the pour spout to pour the oil directly onto the body or into the palms of your hands. 

Our Massage Candles are great for relaxation. They help create intimate experiences with your partner through sensual massage, but they are also just as beneficial if you're single. Just lighting the candle and enjoying it's warm, tropical scent can reduce stress. You can also give yourself a mini-massage when using it as a body moisturizer. Use slow, even strokes to rub the warm oil onto your legs, arms and shoulders. Your skin will be left silky and deeply hydrated. 

According to Harvard Health, relaxation is very important for your overall health. Reasearchers at Harvard found that relaxation is especially important when it comes to your sex life. They found that people who were able to relax before sex reported a more satisfying and pleasurable experience than those who hit the sheets feeling stressed. They suggested that couples " Do something soothing together before having sex," such as deep breathiing, yoga, playing a game or massage. 

All of our Massage Candles are now 15% Off at kamasutra.com, so you can try our Coconut Pineapple Massage Candle (or any of our other 5 scents!) for yourself today.  

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