The 8 Most Romantic Sex Positions to try this month!

October 15, 2014


Fall is upon us and it's starting to get chilly out. Cloudy skies and dropping temperatures call for long cuddle sessions with your lover. Time to cozy up with your partner under a warm blanket and heat things up with one of iDiva's most romantic sex positions

Wild, spur-of-the-moment sex is exciting and fun on hot, summer nights. During summer, the weather's warm and most of us keep our bodies beach-ready, so it's easy to rip our clothes off in a flash.

But during the colder seasons it's nice to try out slow, intimate, more romantic sex. Sometimes after being with the same person for a while, your sex life can become mundane, boring and passionless. It's important to maintain a connection with your partner and keep the passion alive. Trying out these 8 romantic positions can help you do just that!


Kama Sutra SECRETSHere as Kama Sutra we know how to Make Love Better, use these helpful hints to create even more passion and intimacy while trying out these positions:

* Apply (or have him reach around and apply) a few drops of Intensify Plus Warming gel to your intimate zone during the deed, to add extra warmth and pleasure to the experience.

* Keep things comfortable and ensure a smooth-ride with Love Liquid lubricant, just apply to the intimate area (both yours and/or his) before you hit the sheets!

* If things are getting too hot too fast for him, have him apply some Pleasure Balm Prolonging Gel to make the experience last longer.


Spoon with Love: Lie on your side with him behind you so you’re both facing the same direction. Have him touch you all over and caress your body as you allow him to enter you from behind.

Missionary with a Twist: Lie down beneath him, as if preparing for classic missionary position. Ask him to position himself on all fours. Once he’s taken that position, raise your pelvis to meet his package. Ask him to stay still and you can do all the moving according to the pace you want.

Rock away: Lie down on your back and ask your partner to lie flat against your body. With your legs resting on his, push your pelvis up. Now, ask your guy to push down gently, providing a little counter-resistance (you can rest a firm pillow underneath your butt to help keep your pelvis elevated).This position will give you a break from the regular in-and-out thrusting as it involves more rocking up and down.

Get a grip:  Lie on your back in bed and raise your arms overhead so your palms are resting flat on the headboard or the wall, with your head several inches away from it. Have him enter you missionary style and bring your legs together as much as you can. This will create an amazing sensation.

Figure eight position: Lie down on the floor on your back with a few pillows placed under your butt. Keep your knees half bent and legs wide. Hold your partner's hips and ask him to enter you at a higher angle (that’s why the pillows). Ask him to move inside you slowly, making a figure eight shape, you can use your hands to guide him at first and then let him take over.

Straddle up: Ask your guy to sit on the floor or bed with legs crossed loosely. Now, climb onto his lap in a kneeling position and hold on to his shoulder for support as you lower yourself so he can enter you. Keep your bodies close together to create as you make love. 

The slide: Arrange yourselves in missionary position but with you on top and him on the bottom. Now that you’re in control, move slowly and gently to make things hot between you two. You can move back and forth rather than up and down, since you will be lying flat on top of him. You’re free to play with his hair, kiss him or caress him in this position.

Face-to-face spooning: Start in the spooning position and then flip onto your side so you are facing your partner. Hook your legs around his sides and draw him closer towards you. This position is very intimate because it allows you to kiss and have almost every area of your body touching your partner's. *Kama Sutra's favorite 

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