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This Feature Friday we're showcasing our most important, must-have item for great sex: Love Liquid lubricant.                    
Here at Kama Sutra, we have a wide range of romance products; everything from our kissable body chocolate, Lover's Body Paint, to our female arousal gel, Intensify Plus. It can be difficult to decide what products to use depending on your experience level and preferences as well as your partner's. Sometimes you just simply want to have great sex, which is why we created Love Liquid.
This water-based, personal lubricant is specially formulated to provide unlimited pleasure for both you and your partner. Color and fragrance-free, Love Liquid is silky to the touch and never sticky. It enhances the ease and comfort of intimate activity and supplements the body’s natural lubrication- it's a lovemaking essential!                            
Apply as needed to intimate areas, and feel free to reapply as often as desired. Love Liquid's prorietary formula is gentle on sensitive skin and has a natural feel. When practicing safe sex, you can apply a small drop of Love Liquid to the inside of the condom as well as the outside of the condom (once it is on), for a more comfotable and pleasureable experience.                                                                                            
Why use lube?    
It's a known fact that as women age, they produce less natural lubrication, however no one talks about younger women experiencing personal lubrication issues.  
According to Women's Health Magazine, researchers found that over 30% of young women experience intimate dryness. Sexologists say that many women rush through foreplay and are not fully aroused (or lubricated) before they have sex, which can cause soreness or even yeast infections. Ouch!
In a recent study from Indiana University, it was discovered that women who used lube during sex reported higher levels of pleasure and satisfaction than women who didn't use lube. They found that "for most couples, water-based lube is the best bet. It's safe for condoms and easy to rinse off, and it won't stain sheets."                                                                                
So if you just want to have great sex, reach for Love Liquid before you hit the sheets and make sure you grab it today, while it's 15% off !                                                                                                                                                                       
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