Happy Hump Day | The Sexiest Water Positions

Happy Hump Day! This week we're bringing you the sexiest Kama Sutra positions you can do in water. Whether it's in the hot tub, shower or on the beach, these ultra sensual water positions are the perfect way to share some soothing stress relief and get you both into the mood for amazing sex.



Both of you can watch the action in this you-on-top position.

Start with your guy sitting on the bench with his knees bent and legs slightly spread, leaning back with his arms outstretched and resting on the edge of the tub. Straddle him, facing forward, and lower yourself onto his penis, holding on to his shoulders for support. Keep your knees bent and feet flat as you move up and down or back and forth.

This passion position gives your guy a mouthwatering view as the ocean washes over you.

Have your man lie on his back, facing the ocean, with his legs straight out in front of him and in the water. He can prop himself up on his forearms if he doesn't want to get his hair full of sand. Straddle his lap while facing away from him and slowly lower yourself onto his ­member. Rest your hands on his pelvic area or thighs to help propel you.

All the ultra-arousing sensations of this move will take you into the deep end.

Facing the faucet, kneel in a tub that's already filled with warm water. Inch up so your body is very close to the water flow, then lean forward and hold the wall or sides of the tub for balance. Your guy climbs in behind you and, also kneeling, enters you from behind. As he thrusts, guide the water stream with your hand from the faucet or detachable shower head between your legs.


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