The Amazing Properties of Water

Water is a powerful element, and it's essential to our daily lives. From nourishing our bodies to relaxing our minds, the presence of water is key. Water has some amazing affects on the human body. In a recent article on, we learned that scientists have discovered being submerged in water actually slows down our heart rates. So much so in fact, that it enables our lungs to dive to 100ft without being impacted by intense underwater pressure! The same studies show that we only need so much as a splash of water on our face to feel the immediate effect of waters calming ability.

At Kama Sutra, we think relaxing with your partner is a great way to cultivate intimacy and spend time together. Whether it's taking a cozy couples shower in the morning, or relaxing in a romantic bath in the evening, incorporating water into your time together is sure to have some long lasting, stress relieving benefits.

Healthier, stress free people make healthier stress free partners, so it's just as important to cultivate that relaxation into your individual routine as well. You can try listening to calming water sounds at work on on your commute, or get a unique water feature for your space. Our very own V.P. has a beautiful zen desk fountain in his office!

So get wet ( literally! ) and don't forget to pamper yourself with our luxurious line of bathing products!


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