The Truth About Kama Sutra: Common Myths Dispelled

There are many misconceptions about the Kama Sutra guide of love. We want to take this opportunity to share with you the true meaning behind Kama Sutra, so you can better understand the spirituality associated with the ancient text of love. Now we’ve dispelled a few myths surrounding the famous literature to improve everyone’s understanding of the true meaning of Kama Sutra.

1. Kama Sutra = Sex

Although the Kama Sutra contains material on sexual positions and activities, the portion of the text describing sexual acts is actually brief in comparison to the rest of the book. Many chapters discuss other goals such as finding a compatible partner. Ultimately, the Kama Sutra reflects the three main goals of everyday Indian life: "dharma," or virtuous living, "artha," or material prosperity and "kama," which is aesthetic and erotic pleasure.

2. Kama Sutra is for sex experts

The positions displayed in the Kama Sutra vary in complexity, and actually, a good deal of the sex positions in the text are very common for couples. Small displays of affection such as embracing and even biting are encouraged in the book. The Kama Sutra focuses more on achieving closeness with your partner that translates beyond the bedroom rather than the degree of difficulty in your sex life.

3. Kama Sutra will only help your sexual performance

The Kama Sutra urges the significance of your sex life on the other components of your life. The text insists expressing your love creatively will open a person to give and receive more love from the world. Intimacy with a partner can help amplify the expression of emotions and help you become a more well-rounded human being.

What it Means to Us

Here at Kama Sutra, we believe that great sex starts with the individual. We hope to help you build the closeness and intimacy that the ancient text intended to do.  We believe building a better society starts with improving our ability to connect to one another. Our products aim to do this by amplifying the expression of intimacy with subtle enhancements that improve sexual experiences. Kama Sutra's products are more than just the taboo hidden item in your nightstand; we hope that they become a tool to enhancing your overall life through helping you explore yourself and your sensuality. Kama Sutra is meant to be shared, shown off, and most of all fun! We hope to help enrich your every day experiences whether it's an indulgent bath product, a flirty, confidence building body exploration product like Oil of Love, or our massage products: the ultimate in relaxation and touch.



Kama Sutra <3

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