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Hi everyone! It's feature Friday again and this week we're offering 15% off our Passionate Peach Oil of Love! We've got some great facts about Peach as an aromatherapy and we're going to give you some sexy tips on how to use Oil of Love. Happy Friday!

Did you know that peach aroma has demonstrated analgesic effects? Including reducing feelings of pain, helping  to lift depression and creating an overall sense of well being. It's also been named one of the 50 best plants on the planet! So we are very excited to offer our Oil of Love in the new Passionate Peach flavor and scent, you wont believe how delicious it tastes and smells!

Oil of Love was the original Kama Sutra Product, and it's just as popular today as it was in 1969. Oil of Love is a warming body oil designed for foreplay and body exploration. It also has a delicious flavor and scent, making it one of our favorite kissable products. To use Oil of Love, apply a small amount to your partners erogenous zones and gently blow to increase the warming sensation and heighten desire. You can also lick or kiss where Oil of Love is applied and enjoy the delicious flavor. If you want to have a little foreplay fun, try applying Oil of Love to your favorite hot spots and challenge your partner to try and find where Oil of Love is hidden using their sense of taste.

 You can have a ton of fun with this product, but we do want to mention that it is not meant to be used as a lubricant or massage oil. Oil of love is a specially formulated flavored and scented warming body oil, and it comes in 9 deliciously sexy variates, so find your favorite today!

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