Sexploration | A May in Morocco

Sexploration | A May in Morocco

May 17, 2019

I’ve been having the time of my life on this journey so far and am so thrilled to finally be visiting a part of the world I never have been to before.




Monday, May 6th

Admittedly, Casablanca is one of my all time favorite movies and did play a role in deciding that Morocco would be the perfect destination, but the place itself is more of a vision than I could have imagined.

Colorful buildings, bustling street vendors, smells of spices sent my senses into overload.

I was ready to explore the country, but more importantly, explore why it is you have such a connection to this place...

Friday, May 10th

I was told by a few locals I met that I simply must attend the club one night before leaving Casablanca for Marrakech and the recommendation did not disappoint.

I found a small table tucked away in a corner but still had a lovely view of the live jazz music being performed that night. I ordered my first cocktail with every intention to just enjoy being there in the moment.

It was probably a little past 10 when he slipped past my table and without a word, dropped a sealed envelope on my table and was gone before I even had a chance to catch a full glimpse of his face.

“Come as you are” it read along with a vague location and one word: *fatn.

I was as confused as I was intrigued. I left money on the table for my drinks and left in search of the door with the purple handle.

It didn’t take me long. I tried to open it and knock with no luck. Finally someone I couldn’t see cracked open the door just slightly and whispered “password?”


I tried the best I could to get the Arabic pronunciation right. “Close enough.” The voice said.

I stepped in slowly and was handed a mask. The voice belonged to a beautiful woman probably in her fifties; she took my hand and lead the way through the dark hallway...



Wednesday, May 15th

I have never felt quite as empowered as I did standing in the Sahara Desert. The overwhelmingly vast space let my imagination run wild. Thinking of all the feminine historical figures that existed in this part of the world. I didn’t think I could feel so fulfilled in such emptiness.

I took the quiet moments to think about my time spent in Morocco. From being introduced to your secret club to now standing in the Sahara. This trip has earned the spot of my favorite so far, but I’m even more inspired for my island getaway come next month.


[*charm, seduction, etc. in Arabic]


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