New Year, Same Sign | 2019 Based on Your Zodiac

New Year, Same Sign | 2019 Based on Your Zodiac

January 18, 2019

Whether you weren’t ready to say goodbye to 2018 yet or you were counting the days to leave it behind, the old year is out and the new is here.

So what does 2019 have in store for you (and your sex life) based on your sign?





What 2019 will bring if you’re a Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Even though a new year just started, you are already looking towards the future. You’re reaching a climax of clarity, Capricorn, and seeing what it is your mind and your heart really want out of life. 2019 will be a time for you to feel more balanced and rational in thinking ahead, making plans for yourself along the way. Luck and fortune are part of your course this year - but this will be a test of your responsible side and how you decide to spend and invest. Do not let commitments to your mental and physical health diminish; 2019 will also bring positive transformation in your personal and professional sectors but only if you continue to take care of yourself. We know it can be hard to break out of the dominant role, but remember that life is meant to be unpredictable - especially when it comes to love. Starting in March, you’ll experience a transition in romantic relationships that may be a shift from what you’re used to. Remember that different doesn’t always mean bad!


Product We Recommend: As a Cap, you tend to be a bit on the bossy side - even though you secretly want to be taken care of. Let your partner take the lead and tie you up in Kama Sutra Handcuffs for the night. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to be the one being pleased.


Position We Recommend: While it is your turn to let your partner take some charge, you can still split the pleasure with a new spin on the classic 69. Let them cuff you while he/she takes to the top and pleasure you, or be cuffed to the bed while on your side and switch up the angle.



What 2019 will bring if you’re an Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)


One of your best traits is optimism, and this year will highlight it. 2019 will fill your mind with ideas and your hands with projects. While this can be exciting, try not to bite off more than you can chew (or swallow..). You won’t be as successful juggling too many things as you would be focusing on one at a time. You get turned by new things; seek out new inspiration and opportunities in an expanded group of connections whether it be in a personal or professional circle. 2019 is clearly a year of new beginnings, and your love life is no different. If you’re single - look for potential long-term relationships; if you’re committed - look for a shift that will allow both you and your partner to devote more time to rest that will ultimately bring you closer together.


Product We Recommend: As an adventurous Water sign, you are no stranger to trying new things. Kama Sutra Divine Nectars Body Glide is a sweet and tangy spin on feeling your partner. Apply, enhance, be intimate.


Position We Recommend: Since you love trying new versions of classic positions, Reverse Cowgirl is the way to go. Aquarius guys go for the rear view while Aquarius ladies love to flaunt it. Guys, kneel with your legs out and ladies straddle his waist.



What 2019 will bring if you’re a Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)


Roll outta bed and into #Boss mode this year. With lucky Jupiter cruising through Sagittarius during 2019, now is the time for you to pursue new goals! You’ll be thankful for the opportunity of promotion, relocation, or financial stability. Whatever form abundance comes you, ride. it. out. You may not be the biggest projector of your romantic side, but we know it’s there. If you’re already boo’d up - push yourselves into the spotlight a little bit more and enjoy socializing or entertaining within your circles. If you’re a single lady (or gentleman) try and keep an open mind to connections found through mutual sources. Regardless of your status, there will be a few climatic moments in your lineup this year. March and April will bring a rare double-header of full moons in Libra and your intimate, erotic eighth house while a Cancer solar eclipse in July makes its way your passionate fifth house, igniting possibility for a steamy summer love affair.


Product We Recommend: Knowing you means knowing compassion, Pisces, but not always to the one most deserving of it: yourself. Practice some much deserved self-care and get in touch with your true water sign side with Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea bath salts.


Position We Recommend: Go against your two fish swimming in opposite directions sign and flip it. Face your partner while you both are sitting down with your knees bent and enjoy each other fully in Magic Mountain.



What 2019 will bring if you’re an Aries (Mar 21-April 19)


We know you get off from throwing caution into the wind and just going for it, Aries, but signs of success this year say slow it down just a little. 2019 is year for you to keep a clear head and take a step back, before you face a setback. Plan your actions first and luck will be on your side after. The stars are aligning right for you. The beginning of the year has your passion levels at an all time high, but as 2019 goes on you’ll start to question and re-evaluate what (and who) you want. But, the year remains full on sensuality and seduction for your romantic endeavors. You just need to nail down the right state of mind - and person.


Product We Recommend: With all the hopeful caution you'll be taking this year, Ram, we know you'll need a way to feel the power and what better time for that than in the bedroom? Try our Kama Sutra Feel Me Playset for a variety of products to help you enhance, last, and control.


Position We Recommend: You’re known to be an exciting and spontaneous lover who is all about the eye contact. Try a Lunge position, with one partner lying on their back with their knees up while the second person straddles on top with their feet on either side of their partner’s shoulders, leaning forward. The Top can balance on their hands, placing them on either side of the Bottom’s face.


What 2019 will bring if you’re a Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)


Chaos and change are two words you don’t really like to keep in your vocabulary, Taurus, however this year you will be no stranger to them. But lucky for you - even if you don’t realize it - there may be no better sign to deal with these surprises. While you’re known to not like confronting changes, you’re also known to be able to keep yourself grounded no matter what life throws your way. Take these changes in stride the best you can; some may be harder at first but they will all come to light for a reason and ultimately allow you to be better. All these ups and downs will put you to the test, but don’t let them overwhelm you. Take the good with the bad, like new opportunities that will also pop up. Just remember to put your tough bull exterior to the side and be kind to yourself.You work hard and deserve regular self care, Taurus.


Product We Recommend: We all need to release stress. You’re known to appreciate and surround yourself with value, and what better way to let go of stressors than with a luxurious product like Lavani. Specially formulated with only the highest quality design and materials, this is the vibrator for you.


Position We Recommend:  While you love a good adventurous one, you also appreciate a position (and a partner) that can help slow things down and live in the moment. The Zen Pause is a great break position, similar to spooning except facing each other rather than away. Take the time to touch, caress outside of just the motion you two are in.


What 2019 will bring if you’re a Gemini (May 21-June 20)


~ You’re starting with the (wo)man in the mirror ~ 2019 will be a year of reflection for you, Gemini, but especially during your prime sign time. (May 5-June 23 to be exact). Spin this in a positive light and see what areas you can improve and get going - the rest will come easy! Whether they are creative, health, or professional, stay motivated on your end goals. Obstacles will come but you’ll keep on gliding as long as your head stays in the right place. Whatever your situationship status is at the moment, expect it to just get better. Staying satisfied with being single will lead to a better time stemming from your confidence; those with partners could see a significant transition. Your energy is sure to attract something special, no matter the circumstance.


Product We Recommend: It may be hard to actually quench your curiosity with excitement expectations, but it’s not impossible. Satisfy both of your Gemini sides with the Intensify Plus Arousal Gel. Available in both Warming  and Cooling to give you, your partner, or both of you the best of both worlds.


Position We Recommend: Let us guess: you like to switch it up? No surprises here. Try the Lotus - unique and challenging. Have your male partner sit cross-legged while you sit in his lap and straddle his waist. Pro tip: rocking works better than thrusting in this position.


What 2019 will bring if you’re a Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)


Sweet, sensitive Cancer. We know you were tested through the first few months of 2019 but luckily you’re heading in the direction of positive evolution that’s much more stable. Don’t be afraid to get out from under the sheets and make some adjustments that help you feel better supported.  Don’t let this year’s rocky beginning deter you from the big picture that could be. You have the potential to pursue and achieve different projects - should you keep yourself free of distractions. Both your personal and romantic ventures are promising as well; make sure to create extra time with your closer friends and also expand for your friend circle, opening the possibility to meet new friends (and lovers 😉). Non-committed Cancers are likely to find a fairytale-like love this year, while non-single Cancers are looking to grow closer to and stronger with his/her partner.


Product We Recommend: With the year’s biggest stressors hopefully behind you, don’t forget to indulge yourself in some much needed self care. Put your needs first and listen to your body; a relaxing shower or bath featuring our Luxury Bathing Gel could do pampering wonders.


Position We Recommend: You’re shy, but you’re also willing to experiment. Hence: buttery position. The female partner lays on the edge of the bed while male counterpart stands in front, lifting legs to wrap around his waist or on is shoulders; whichever is more comfortable. This angle will be bring a deeper penetration.


What 2019 will bring if you’re a Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)


Get ready to embrace improvement from last year’s tribulations, Leo. You have to work on communicating calmly to help avoid problems that could transpire this year, however, there are plenty of tangible goals that are in reach should you set sights on the paths to get you there.  Influences from Mars and Jupiter throw some excitement and opportunity your way, sparking the outside attention you so crave. Work your previous setbacks into positive motivation. Keep your mental health at the top of your priority list and try to either find or work on a creative outlet to help keep balance within your mind and life. We know your ego comes first, but you may be in for some changes that help encourage a better balance in your relationship(s).


Product We Recommend:It’s okay to be selfish when you have a Kama Sutra vibrator, like Bhangra. Pro Tip: Not only is this a versatile vibrator, it’s a powerful massager for sore spots like your neck and back. #SelfCare in more ways than one!


Position We Recommend: It’s no secret that Leos love the attention on them. If you’re a Leo woman, your go-to try should be The Caboose. With you both sitting, facing away as he enters you.


What 2019 will bring if you’re a Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)


Let yourself react, Virgo. While you’re not used to feeling lost, letting both your right and left sides of the brain work together to figure out where you want to go in life this year. It’s okay to question things - as it will often lead to better understanding and decision making. While you’ll feel a desire to let yourself be more open and adventurous when it comes to love and sex, you’re also find yourself less willing to compromise and sure of what you want.

Product We Recommend: You tend to be a bit shy in certain romantic areas, but that doesn’t mean you’re closed off from trying some new things. The perfect introduction to low-key kinky with Kama Sutra Surprise Me Playset.

Position We Recommend:
The Slip is a Kama Sutra sex position which requires the woman to be lay on her back with her head on a pillow and the man to control the speed and the pleasure, perfect for those perfectionist Virgo’s! 


What 2019 will bring if you’re a Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)


2019 is all about improving your personal relationships, Libra. After the spring equinox in March, really focus on strengthening current bondage - uh, bonds - and repairing broken ones. The fall equinox propels you to restore overall harmony in your life, hopefully helping ease the conflict of decision-making you usually worry over. Since it’s in your nature to seek love and admiration (though you give it as equally as you receive it) but 2019 will especially bring this out of you in focus to what you truly want out of partners. The overall realizations you experience throughout the year will surely help bring peace and satisfaction with the decisions the peace of mind leads you to make.

Product We Recommend: You have an affinity for the little luxuries. Flowers, candles, bath bombs. Satisfy your self-indulgent side as well as your sensual, with Kama Sutra Ignite Massage Candle made with - not wax - but perfectly warm skin nourishing massage oil.


Position We Recommend: Missionary is way too uneventful for Libras, but the Reverse Scoop turns the super-intimate move sideways.   


What 2019 will bring if you’re a Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)


Sometimes letting go can be liberating, Scorpio. Loosen the handcuffs and let balance restore itself in your relationship(s). Your strong personality is not a bad thing, but it can often get in the way of your communication. Keep an open mind and the reciprocation will follow. 2019 will be a year full of choices but opportunities stemming from these choices will depend on where and how you want to direct your energy. Focus on following your passion this year and making your dreams (or fantasies 😉) become a reality and the rest will fall into place. Your drive stems from Mars - providing an extra power boost in the beginning of this year to help reach the goals you center around.


Product We Recommend: With the amount of options and possibilities surrounding you this year, you’ll definitely need (and earned) some de-stressing time. The Massage Tranquility Kit is the perfect travel or storage companion of all essential-oil based Aromatics Massage Oils. Use to give or receive a massage with a lover, or simply use as a nourishing moisturizer.


Position We Recommend: Scorpios are one of the most passionate Zodiac signs, they love to express their love, the bigger the better. Try against the wall, it might bring out a hidden side of you that you haven’t discovered yet!


What 2019 will bring if you’re a Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)


Feel lucky, get lucky this year, Sagittarius. Jupiter spending time in your sign through most of the year is bringing abundance in all areas. With a romantic tone taking over, you’re getting a chance to be bold and spontaneous with lovers. As cliche as it sounds, everything happens for a reason Sag, and this year is a prime example of that for you. You may be a free spirit and ready to let things go - but don’t ignore the lessons from your past but instead use them to move forward! You are one of the most likable and optimistic of the Zodiac, and there's a good reason for it.

Product We Recommend: A new love connection may be on the horizon for you this year; whether you’re newly exploring a love or trying to spice up an existing relationship, you’re all about establishing a strong connection. Connect on a sensual level with the classic Oil of Love.

Position We Recommend:
A Sagittarius will always try and achieve more than they can personally deliver. For a Sagittarius the best thing is to take things back to basics, try something like the doggy style position to really take your time and enjoy what you are doing. Sometimes going back to basics can deliver the real passion.




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