Luxury Bath Accessories & Products

Indulge yourself or someone else with these refreshing bath and body offerings from Kama Sutra.

Indulge yourself with these refreshing luxury bath accessories and body washes from Kama Sutra. Let these silky-smooth, sensual bath and body treats awaken your morning or relax your evening. This invigorating collection is designed to be enjoyed both alone or with a lover, so don’t wait to explore the rejuvenating effects of Kama Sutra’s Luxury Bath collection

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With revitalizing ingredients such as Vitamin-E and natural vegetable oils, our sensual body wash and luxury bath products are sure to revive and excite. Kama Sutra’s luxury shaving creams and bath gels are gentle on tender skin and will leave your body feeling soft from head to toe. Experience the renewing effects of our Treasure of the Sea bath salts and other luxury bath products, perfect for a sultry bubble bath for two.

Be sure to try our assortment of luscious cremes, designed to spark desire with delicate fragrances such as French vanilla and cool mint. Let Kama Sutra’s luxury bath accessories transform your mood with a variety of blissful luxury body washes, cremes, and gels. Browse our Luxury Bath collection to find a few favorites of your own.